Pooped Out and Feeling Like Poo

Originally uploaded by sarahgrace.

I feel like poo! WAH! My whole body aches, and I wonder what kind of bug I’ve got. Unfortunately Drew seems to have it too- but I think Beau is doing okay. Why doesn’t my breast milk help me too?
Well I was unable to go to yet another concert of my husband’s last night due to nasty weather. As it was, they ended up playing inside as a result of it, and it would have been way too loud for baby’s ears. Today, my husband has to go work in the evening and tomorrow he plays drums for a church here in town and has a recording session in the evening. So much for family time! I guess if I felt better I’d be a little more upset about it, but I’m no fun to hang out with right now anyways. But it would be nice to have someone take care of me for the evening. That’s what I miss about being a kid: having your mom take care of you and rub your back when your not feeling good. You know, I bet I could get a back rub out of my husband…

There are now 14 days left till my sister’s wedding, and 7 until her shower (which I am putting on) And in honor of that, I give you the above picture: This is her and her fiance…


2 thoughts on “Pooped Out and Feeling Like Poo

  1. There is nothing like your mom rubbing your back when your sick, I do agree. I am planning, hopefully, to help out enough with the boys when I am there, that you may feel like you’ve had a little break. It might be hard concidering we may be playing wedding catch up…..

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