To My Readers

Well, I should be balancing my checkbook, but here I am writing for my blog again. Just wanted to say I put a post on my friend pretendingsanity’s blog about thinking she was the only one who read my blog, only to discover that I have at least two other readers. Hi Brooke and Jill! Thanks for reading my blog too, that makes me feel special…sheepish grin…


4 thoughts on “To My Readers

  1. ok, so i admit i read your blogs too 🙂 i love reading up on your stories and life. We dont always get to visit much with all this band stuff keeping us so occupied…but i thought id better give you a shout out to say ” I READ “EM TOO” 🙂


  2. I read your blog, Saragrace, and I have it “marked”…I found it because of pretending…

    You are a daily for me!

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