Soccer Mom Status

It’s official! I’ve become the first class soccer mom, except that my kids don’t play soccer. Ha ha. Why am I calling myself this? Because we did it, we finall bought the family truckster, the “muscle man car” as my son calls it, the much needed bigger vehicle, yes-The Suburban.

I’m really excited about it, and since I don’t leave the house that much- it shouldn’t be too bad on gas. There’s just so much space to put stuff and I can fit all my friends and their kids, and their moms, and sisters, and brothers. Plus I feel pretty badass driving the thing on the road. Now I’m the high profile vehicle shining its blinding lights in your rearview mirror. Ha! It also will double really well for a good band vehicle on band excursions- (and the band pays for gas on those.)

So yes, I guess it wont really be official until I start shuffling my kids off to their various sporting events etc, but I’m pretty darn close to being a soccer mom. Hip Hip HOoray.


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