High Speed Chase… Sort Of

Notice: Name’s have been changed to protect the innocent…

Last week my husband played a gig all the way on the other side of the state and I was at home with the boys by myself for two days. I went out both days to avoid the insane feeling of being totally alone and did a little bit of necessary shopping for our upcoming vacation to Mesquite. On the second day I left the house about 2 p.m. and noticed that one of the band member’s Chevy Blazer was parked down at the end of our street. “That’s weird,” I thought, “I wonder why he parked all the way down here, or maybe his wife has another friend up in this neighborhood. That’s funny though, because I thought she would have mentioned that. Hmmm. ” And I thought nothing else of it, even though it was still there when I came back. Later that night my husband came home and played with our son for an hour before we put him to bed and then we started talking about the trip. Unfortunately this was a dissappointing trip for him and then he came to the part where he said, “and to top it all off, Pooky’s Blazer got stolen…” at which point I said, ” I saw his Blazer, it’s parked down at the end of our street.” At this time, Kev walked out the front door, and down the street while dialing up Pooky and said, “So, any update on the Blazer?” To which he glumly replied, “No.” Kev said, “Well, there’s a Blazer that looks just like your’s at the end of our street. Your Blazer has a band sticker on it, Right? Wait, I don’t see one.” Then he walks closer to the Blazer and sure enough, there’s the sticker, and he says, “Dude, this is your Blazer, I’m not kidding!!” Then he read off the license plate and it was in fact Pooky’s Blazer. Pooky jumped in his non-stolen vehicle and drove up to our place and called the police. The police told him not to go near it, it was too dangerous and he said no way, it’s my car, I’m watching it. Fortyfive minutes go by and no cops, so Pooky calls up dispatch again. While he’s on the phone with the dispatcher a car pulls up flips a u-turn, a guy jumps out while the car is still moving, jumps in the Blazer and takes off. Pooky then informs the dispatcher that he’s following them, turns out of the neighborhood and lost them. The dispatcher says to pull in to the nearest gas station and wait for the police. So Pooky does this and then the Blazer comes wipping around the corner and he pulls after them again and follows it to another neighborhood and loses them again. Well, fortunately, his Blazer has a dome light that stays on a minute and a half after closing the door, and he looked down the street and could see it on. He pulls over and there’s the Blazer again with nobody in it this time. The dispatcher tells him the cops are on the scene but not to contact them. He will be contacted by phone by one of the officers. He hangs up with her and recieves a call immediately and the officer asks which way the Blazer is facing. Pooky says, “South” and five squad cars appear out of nowhere to surround the vehicle. Their K-Nine unit was able to find the thief hiding under another car. They hauled him over in handcuffs to Pooky and asked for a positive ID. Pooky said he was about 75 percent sure it was the guy and they said that was good enough and they booked him. And now Pooky has the Blazer back and an amazing story to tell!

Looking back at the night we marveled at how everything had worked out perfectly, from myself not calling Pooky’s wife to see why her Blazer was up here to the police being late. Had my husband not played with my son for an hour, the thief probably wouldn’t have been caught. So all in all we decided that God must have really wanted that guy to get caught and it worked out well for us too! Thank you Lord for showing us how you work every once in a while!


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