I keep on having recurring nightmares about my eldest son, Drew hurting my youngest son, Beau. I think worrying about your elder child hurting your new baby is probably pretty regular, but I wonder how many people have bad dreams about it. I guess maybe the dreams are my paranoia about it manifesting. I was paranoid about Drew dying when he was a newborn. Now I’m paranoid about my newborn dying at the hands of Drew.

Drew has already done a few things to Beau, fortunately none of them fatal. He has tried to punch beau in the head. Not full force, just these little jabs, while I was holding him. Maybe a jealousy thing, maybe something he saw on TV, maybe he just didn’t know how to communicate that he wanted to touch this new little thing that is always taking up Mommy’s attention. A few weeks ago, he sat on Beau while Beau was swinging in his chair. This he knew was wrong, because he hopped off real quick when I came running back into the room. Yesterday, he threw the TV remote on Beau’s head.

Most of the time, Drew is pretty good with him. He gets a little rambunctious here and there, but he tries to give Beau his lovins and is pretty affectionate, for a two year old.

Hopefully the nightmares will stop. One of my friends says that someday, Beau will get Drew back, and then I can have nightmares about that!


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