My Crazy Weekend

This weekend I went to Denver to do a lot of dress shopping with my sisters, mother and the rest of my sister’s bridesmaids. It was a crazy weekend to say the least. But, yes, you guessed it: I’m not going to say the least! We spent the whole of Saturday looking at dresses, dresses, and MORE dresses. Actually- I spent half of that nursing my baby. Which got me thinking: why am I here? I mean, there are a lot more comfortable places I could be doing this (nursing.) BUT, I got to see Ariel try on several beautiful wedding dresses, plus I got to see Hannah and bond with the other bridesmaids- so I guess that made it worth it all.

Talk about an emotional trip though! I think I experienced almost every emotion with the exception of hatred, well no, actually- I hated the price of our bridesmaids dresses. Which was $110 to be exact- with the small sale that was going on $92. I was hoping for like $30- that is how much my bridesmaids had to pay for their dresses. I guess I’m just super annoyed at my sister’s champagne tastes affecting everyone elses beer budgets! “Annoyance”- was definitely a common emotion experienced on this trip. Lets see, there were the loud birds at my cousin’s house, giving directions to blondes, bad communicators, selfish people, and I could elaborate- but we must get to the other emotions. Lets talk about “happiness”. I was happy to be able to go, happy to see my beautiful sister try on dresses, happy to finally find bridesmaids dresses (and that’s another story), happy to eat, happy to take some ibuprofen, happy to see Hannah, happy to have a margarita, happy that my mom found my wallet (which contained my debit card and cell phone!), happy to talk to my husband and son on the phone, happy to find a store with a small lounge where I could breastfeed, happy to see my in-laws, happy to eat (sorry, had to mention that at least one more time), happy to be surrounded by awesome girls the whole weekend, secretly happy to be stuck in a cozy house with 7 girls during the Denver blizzard of 2005, happy to eat turkey dinner (yum!), happy that the roads were clear and it was sunny Monday, and happy to finally go home. So I’m going to be honest now and talk about my “jealous” emotions. I was jealous of the other girls freedom. What I mean by that, is that they were not strapped down with an infant. But also let me take this opportunity to say that I love my son very much and I am so thankful for him. Just sometimes, it would be nice if things were a little more convenient or easier. But you know, I have what I have, I am what I am, and I am determined to make the most of it! Now, “sadness” also occured a few times this trip. I was sad to say goodbye to Hannah, she lives in Phoenix, and I don’t get to see her that often- and it was just too short of a visit with her. I was sad to know that my son at home missed me, but you know, kind of happy about that too- at least I know he loves me! There are a few things that happened this trip that I am not sure what emotion would best describe them, possibly because they involved so many different emotions. But it’s over now- and I’m glad- now I have to get through the bridal shower, bachelorette party and then the wedding- which I’m sure will fuel many more vent sessions- so tune in again for adventures of the wedding monster, her annoyed sister, and the amazing wonder-baby at the feed lot!


One thought on “My Crazy Weekend

  1. I know the jealousy feeling. Sometimes I’m jealous of my husband who gets to go to work everyday! Don’t worry, you’re normal. 🙂

    And don’t worry about Drew, Honor’s still alive despite Eden’s best efforts.

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