First Day

Okay, so here goes my first blog.
First I’m going to put down my sleeping infant son, so I can type better.
Anyways, so lets start by talking about the insanity of my life at this point in time. It all started a little over a month ago, when I was two weeks overdue with my second son. I don’t understand what happened- my first son was only four days late and came out all on his own. They had to induce me to get the second out. And let me just say that the second labor, though a lot shorter than the first, was lot more intense and hurt a lot more. I must have scared every yet to deliver mother on the floor, because you could hear me yelling all the way down the hall!

Funny story: During this whole ordeal- I was in the jacuzzi ( for pain management) when the contractions hit really hard and I started to basically yell to help myself deal with the pain. My sister was down the hall and looked at my mom and said, “Is that Sarah?” My mom listened closer and confirmed that yes it was me. She also happened to catch a maintenance man who was outside the jacuzzi door, he commented and said, “Sounds like someone’s having some fun in there, ” and my mom looked at him and said, “No, someone had some fun.”
Anyways, my son came out in fine form, is perfectly healthy and kind of a chunk. He gained 2 pounds in the first two weeks!

So two weeks later, my younger sister, who is 19 got engaged, and is getting married in 3 months! Yes this is exciting, but I forgot how much planning a wedding consumes your life, and the lives of those who are involved. I mean, I’m still trying to adjust to having two children under the age of 2, I don’t want to deal with a wedding!! All I have to say is, at least it will be over in 3 months!
So this weekend I am heading to Denver with my sister, mom and all the other bridesmaids, mother of the groom, etc. to do the dreaded wedding dress shopping. This wouldn’t be so bad if I had not just been to Denver last week with my mom and both boys! This could have been avoided had we learned about the wedding dress shopping trip before we were on our way to Denver last week. But such is life. I get to see my other sister, who just got married last September, so that is a plus. She hasn’t seen the new baby yet, so that should be fun for both of us.
Last week in Denver, we went to the Aquarium there, which is pretty neat, by the way. My oldest son, who just recently acquired the ability to imitate a machine gun, (Thank you Incredibles), was viewing the shark tank when a rather large one came straight at him. What did he do? He stuck out his little hand like a gun and pointed right at the shark and made his machine gun sound, all business! I unfortunately was unable to actually witness this, as I was downstairs nursing the little one, but Grandma replayed the story for me pretty well.

So just a quick explanation of my blog title, sermon on the mount (of laundry). I hate, HATE to do laundry- so it is always piling up on me because I put if off, and because I have four people who’s laundry I am doing- so my title is a reference to my everyday life, and now my ability to vent about it, thanks to this blog. And also, a special thanks to Allison, who inspired me to start a blog with her own. (


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